Simon Team
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Commitment to Quality

Simon is committed to providing the best products and services for our clients

Simon is committed to taking Quality to the next level. Our Quality Control Program is continuously expanding and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our Quality Department is committed to engaging in the highest level of professionalism, ethics, and standards of practice to complement our commitment to quality. Satisfaction of our Customers is how we measure our success.

We Are Quality Driven

Our clients have unique projects with individual requirements. Our certified Quality Control Technicians are available around the clock to ensure that we are held to the highest standards. We continually monitor the production of our Aggregate, Asphalt, and Concrete facilities to make sure we meet the special needs of our customers.

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Quality Control Services

Simon has a team of in-house certified Quality Control personnel who personally oversee all aspects of the construction process. From testing raw materials for compliance, through the design & manufacturing processes, all the way to the installation and product finishing, the QC department is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive a superior product.

Aggregate Supply

Simon’s certified Aggregate Technicians constantly monitor productions of all our aggregate products to make sure you receive only the highest quality materials available in the market.

Commercial & Residential Concrete

Simon Quality Control personnel have been trained and certified through the state in which they operate, as well as the American Concrete Institute & National Redi-Mix Concrete Association. Our technicians oversee plant & laydown operations to help maintain consistency throughout our projects. We are also available to check the properties of the material just prior to installation, cast cylinders and perform strength testing at determined intervals to verify our customers receive(d) a quality product.


Simon’s certified Asphalt Technicians continually monitor plant operations to ensure best practices are utilized throughout the manufacturing process. We also have on-site facilities to test our products for compliance prior to shipping them to our customers. Simon’s commitment to quality doesn’t end when our product leaves the premises. Simon has in-house certified density technicians to send on location to monitor the laydown and compaction process to make sure the finished product meets or exceeds expectations.

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