Simon Team
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What We Do

Construction Services

Asphalt Paving

Simon has been in the asphalt paving business for over 60 years. We have paved hundreds of thousands of miles of highways, road, parking lots, and runways.

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Utility Construction

Simon performs utility work on many municipal state and federal projects. We combine decades of experience with equipment, materials and manpower to execute most utility projects including: Wet & Dry Utilities, Emergency Storm Response & Reconstruction, Excavation Services for Highways & Site Development, Storm Sewers, Sanitary Sewers, and Waterlines.

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Bridge Construction

At Simon, we pride ourselves in building high quality bridges & structures. We build them from the ground up starting with multiple different types of bearing piling, setting girders, placing bridge decks, and tying all different types of reinforcing steel.

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Concrete Construction

Simon has a team of concrete construction finishers and technicians, who can execute projects ranging from small residential sidewalks to major city streets, curb and gutter, valley pans and drainage structures. Coupled with Simon’s ready mix concrete, we provide precision-mixed materials to complete every kind of commercial concrete construction job including: parking lots, sidewalks, and other specialty projects.

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Material Services

Ready-Mix Concrete

Simon produces a full spectrum of ready mix concrete designs. From standard specification concrete for sidewalks to high specification, high strength concrete for bridge decks, Simon has the tools to manufacture any project.

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Hot, warm, & cold mix asphalt come directly from multiple Simon plant locations. We complete jobs requiring total reconstruction, including grading and base work. With our hot and warm mix asphalt operations, we are capable of supplying marshall, super pave, or sharp mix designs as well as recycled asphalt pavements.

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Simon has aggregate mining operations with locations over four states. We have granite and limestone quarries, sand and gravel pits, and pump and dredge operations to find all the many types of aggregates needed for your project.

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Precast Concrete

Simon manufactures many pre-cast concrete products, ranging from septic tanks and perforated well housings to retaining wall blocks, parking bumpers and feed bunks.

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Simon operates an emulsion plant in Rapid City to supply the liquids needed for your project.

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